Pray: Bacolod, City of Smiles

I made the Bacolod trip before the Holy Week, my titas made a joke that I started my Visita Iglesia few weeks early before the Lent. I visited 2 old churches in Bacolod and 4 in Iloilo. I lacked one more to complete the required 7.

San Sebastian Cathedral


This is the first church I visited for my solo travel. It’s a beautiful cathedral. I lit some of the colorful candles to make a wish. They say that when you visit a church the first time, when you make a wish, it will come true.


At the end of my travels, I hope all of my wishes will come true.

San Diego Pro-Cathedral


I heard from a friend that this one is a beauty. Its structure is inspired from that of Italian churches. San Diego Pro-cathedral is the only pro-cathedral outside Manila and the only church in Negros Occidental with a dome. We have Italian architect Lucio Bernasconi to blame for its Romanesque inspiration from Italian churches.



Bacolod is heavily influenced by the Spaniards and it can be seen through their old houses in Silay, churches and ancestry.

And that ends my Pray part of my Bacolod version.


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