The Chocolate Chamber of Cebu


After a busy Saturday morning, Queenie and I decided to (finally!) make our visitation plans to The Chocolate Chamber a reality. Our group won numerous awards for Best in Planning for 2 years in a row. We plan lots of summer outing that never happened, plans to climb O-Peak on paper (literally) or do food trips verbally.

The Chocolate Chamber Boutique's chocolate fountain
The Chocolate Chamber Boutique’s chocolate fountain

We dragged Buboy to our quest to taste handcrafted Cebuano artisan chocolates from The Chocolate Chamber (TCC). The good thing about TCC is because it is just a sprint away from ISCAHM—where our makeshift studio for our show is located.

We thought TCC transferred their shop in President Quirino to the ground floor of Sarrossa Hotel in Mabolo. It turns out that TCC opened a boutique. Thanks to Buboy, we had the honor to meet Edu Pantino, one of the people behind the TCC’s name.

The Chocolate Chamber

Meeting Edu was a novelty. He brushed off my offer of handshake and go for a “fist bump” instead. After introductions were in place and fist bumps exchanged, he shared to us the story of Raquel Choa, a remarkable lady with a big heart. As we sip our flavored hot chocolates, he showed us a 5-minute video of Raquel’s humble beginnings. Her story reminds us of Tita Julie Gandionco’s inspiring journey from a housewife to a business woman.

TCC's Cinnamon Hot Chocolate
TCC’s Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

Edu invited us to book for a chocolate appreciation tour at Casa de Cacao, Cebu formerly Ralfe Gourmet where Raquel will share her story in person and her love for chocolates. We just need to book a week ahead. I couldn’t help but point out who is Ralfe of Ralfe Gourmet. He explained that “R” is for Raquel, “Alf” for Alfred (her better half) and the silent “E” is for Edu.

He ushered us to visit the actual The Chocolate Chamber shop (where people can dine) just a few steps away from The Chocolate Chamber Boutique so we can try their grilled sausage pizza that has a chocolate crust.

The Chocolate Chamber shop
The Chocolate Chamber shop
Grilled Sausage Pizza
Grilled Sausage Pizza

We were warmly greeted by this cute Filipino-Chinese kid who goes by the name of AJ. He is a splitting image of his father, Alfred—whom we met before we left TCC Boutique. These kids probably enjoy hanging out at their family business ‘coz who can sell chocolates better than kids, right?

But the best way to appreciate chocolate is a visit to Casa de Cacao where one can listen to Raquel as she shares her Tablea Tale behind her business.

The Chocolate Chamber (TCC)
President Quirino St. Cor. Magsaysay St.
Brgy. Kasambagan, Cebu City
+63 917 628-7661

Casa de Cacao
Topaz St., Brgy Kasambagan,
Cebu City
+63 917 628-7661


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