2014 in Review

Life’s a beach in Boracay

Last year was a terrible year for me. Good thing, I got a better 2014, though. I started the year with a huge project, and business and leisure trips in between. The first quarter was a bit rough around the edges that had me at my wit’s end but perseverance prevails. Whew!

Let’s start the review of my crazy 2014, shall we?

I spent the last quarter of 2013 planning and organizing the biggest project that I can call my own–on paper and on TV. It was a tedious job to be working behind the scenes but a fulfilling one when we pulled it off. What used to be an eight to five job became eight to nine (on some nights). This is also the month we started our weekend shoot schedule with the student bakers, endure certain characters with iron fist on running things smoothly and and overall of bloody experience. Cue nose bleeds.

PS: Kudos to all the people who helped and backed me up the entire duration of the project. And I apologize to those people I contacted after office hours.

Last November of last year, we presented and sold the idea to the business partners and suppliers. February is the month of the project going live on Sky Cable Cebu Living Channel 35 and Community Channel 61 in Cebu, Dumaguete, Davao and General Santos. So yeah, we have to hold our breath on the first 4 episodes which has horrible footage (technical problems), and our breathing returned to normal starting on the 5th episode. Thank goodness for the Anoba brothers for taking the project at the last minute and delivered quality service.

Amidst the production chaos of the big project, I still went to that Palawan trip that Kareen and have been looking forward for the half of 2013. But a vacation is a vacation. I deserve that getaway. I fell in love with El Nido and was a bit disappointed with the Underground River tour in Puerto Princesa. And it took me more than one month to get over the beauty of Palawan. My friends are sick of me gushing over the sand and karst in El Nido.

Last April 13, we ended our 3-month long production of the baking reality TV show with Bamboo as our Grand Finale guest along with celebrity chefs Rolando and Jacqueline Laudico. We never do anything by halves.

Right before the big event, Kareen and I came up with our own #weekendproject to spend Php 500 to explore northern Cebu.

This month is also the last 20 days of my marketing stint as I’m moving to a different department handling business partners. And in just a week of my new position, I was surprised that I will be traveling to Cagayan De Oro for our business review for my debut as the corporate mediator.

Since our business reviews are held every quarter and in every region, I move on to Manila for the Luzon leg of our review. And I heard our partners is Manila are viscous. So yeah, good luck to me. But in the end, I was lucky and spared from the ferocious tongue of the (very) VIPs and was rewarded with a warm smile as I hand them their checks for their incentives.

Our last hurrah for summer commenced in the beautiful commercialized island of Boracay. Since I’ve been to Palawan, the beach no longer impressed me. But the sunset and sunrise did. Too bad, Kareen missed the glorious sunrise in Bulabog beach but she enjoyed the sunset in Diniwid beach.

Part of our company’s mission is to feed people. We teamed up with a local media outreach program for a medical mission in Bohol. After our medical mission, we took a side trip to Sagbayan Peak to admire Bohol’s Chocolate Hills. In addition, we discovered the hidden shop that sells ube kinampay or ube jam in Tagbilaran.

August passed like a blur. Nothing interesting happened.

So I turned a year older this year. I don’t want to make something big out of it but I’m lucky enough to celebrate my special day with my old and new colleagues in marketing.

And oh yeah, Kareen and I booked a trip for Ilocos. We’re going to visit my dream destination (I’m a sucker for old architecture and history). And since we will be away for nine days, we decided to do a side trip in Baguio and Banaue. Originally it’s just Baguio-Ilocos trip but now it’s Banaue-Baguio-Ilocos trip.

October and November was packed with work-related activities in preparation for the last quarter of business review. On my spare time, I made Christmas-themed paper toys out of scratch papers. See my Twitter photo feeds for these cute Christmas-y decors.

I’m letting you in on a secret. My father’s side of the family has almost century-old curse (or whatever you call it) that unexplained unfortunate events always happen in December. You see, their clan has a weird way of dying in the month of December. Rumor has it that my father’s ancestors must have angered someone with mystical powers and sold his/her soul to the devil then cursed my father’s family with unhappiness every December. So their Christmas is never a merry one. The catch here is that it doesn’t stop within the immediate family but it has now extended to the family tree. Pretty scary (hence I got myself insured, just in case). As of this post, we are in search of someone who can break the curse so we can die happily (not that we want to die) on different months other than December.

In summary, from the beginning of the year, I’ve proved to myself that I can do better than my regular work load (i.e. take on a my first reality TV baking competition project from start to finish), year of travels–for both business and leisure, and new career. I knew that filling in for that extra job temporarily would come in handy one day.

I’m really hoping that 2015 will be another good year.


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