Sagbayan Peak: when Bohol meets Baguio

A dinosaur welcomes tourists to Sagbayan Peak
I’m no stranger to Bohol. I’ve been there lots of times, especially for work. The summer I first visited Bohol, we covered the usual of tourist spots–Baclayon Church, Blood Compact site, Hinagdanan Cave, passed by the man-made forest, held tarsiers in my palm, and of course, climbed lots of steps to reach a good vantage point to admire Bohol’s famous Chocolate Hills–all in one day.
Then, there’s my stint in an all-Filipino resort company and became part of the welcome party for the Bohol property. And the latest Bohol trip this year is a medical mission in partnership with a local media.
Distance and cost
As mentioned in my previous Bohol-related blog, our side trip to Sagbayan Peak happened after we finished saving the world in the morning and part of the afternoon. According to Queenie’s calculations, Sagbayan is 30 minutes away from Clarin. We negotiated the fare with the first tricycle driver we flagged down. We paid a total of Php 300.00 (i.e. Php 100.00 per person) a round trip from Clarin to Sagbayan. Remember to haggle. Entrance fee to the peak is Php 30.00 per adult or kid.
What’s in Sagbayan Peak?
Sagbayan means “place for hanging”, derived from the root word “sagbay” means “to hang”. Sagbayan Peak has an observation platform overlooking the scenic view of the green hills, a butterfly dome garden, restaurant, gift shop, children’s playground, kids’ mini town and a good lookout point atop one of the famous hills.
Last one to the top is a rotten egg
It was not crowded for a Saturday day trip, so we did a bit of running to the top of the peak. Hence, the photo above.
It was a gloomy day with the skies threatening to pour rain over our heads. We only stayed about 15-20 minutes before we head back to Clarin to catch a van bound for Tagbilaran.
Our view from the observation deck

Sagbayan Peak
Sagbayan, Bohol, Philippines
Phone: +63 38 5111 9167
Mobile: +63 921 3230 866


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