My 2013 in Review

I can’t wait for 2013 to end. Maybe because it was not exactly an awesome year for most of us. It made me think that the Mayans probably miscalculated the end of the world (thanks to the 7.2 earthquake that rocked Cebu and Bohol and the notorious Yolanda). Or there must have been a typo somewhere where they made their prediction.How did my 2013 went so far?January – Left the hotel industry this month. Yep. This time for good. The only thing I will miss leaving this time is the food trip with my colleagues. I ate at different dining spots for lunch and dinner almost every day. That’s stress eating. As I was saying, I’m looking at rejoining the fattening world of food industry. And no, I will not go back to the operations because I have this bad Pavlovian response towards getting phone calls on rest days.

February – During my short respite, I tried to go back to putting up my own business with a friend. It didn’t have the same response I had 5 years ago but it was still fun. And I finally landed myself a marketing job in the food industry. It was a huge change for me. I have to adjust to a different culture and market. My mindset is still somewhere creating “publicity” activities that does not bring in money–trade marketing is not my strength. My ideas are stuck somewhere in class AB market when I’m supposed to do CD market activities.

March – After wearing the same chin-length to shoulder-length hair style for seven years, I finally got the nerve to go for a pixie cut. The last pixie cut I had was when I was still in kindergarten and I threw a fit for looking like a boy. So I asked my trusted hairstylist to do her magic (as usual) and cut my hair. I got both bad reviews (especially from the guys) and good ones (from the girls). I really don’t care as long as I don’t have to tame those flyaway waves everyday.

April – After proving myself to my boss, instead of doing only admin work, I’m now handling the creative side. Artworks have to go through me and I’m also managing the advertising and PR side. Whew! Because I’m juggling lots of things, I introduced myself to yoga to keep my sanity.

May – In the hotel industry, marketing involves communication, creatives and public relations. In the food industry, there’s brand and trade. Since I’ve got a strong background in branding, I organized my first 2 projects this month. I flew to Manila for a project in partnership with our Manila team and PR agency; then flew to Davao to do trade checking with my boss. I got the best of both worlds: learning and traveling.

June / July / August / September – Work and yoga kept me occupied. Time passed like a blur. Forgot what happened during these months. There’s nothing exciting except for my more-than 3-years stalker who kept sending me hate texts, investigating skeletons in the family’s closet and updating me via texts, unwanted surprise visits at my own house or updating me that s/he posted something humiliating about me on Facebook. The usual annoying thing. So dear friends and frenemies, if you want to message me, please drop me a line on Facebook or Twitter because I don’t broadcast my digits anymore. Only selected people were given that access so I can trace who is the real culprit among my contacts.

On a lighter note, one of my friends gave birth to a baby girl, Ada Celyn. She’s the third (or second) kid in the barkada. And another friend is looking forward to a baby boy this January. It just struck me that we’re getting old (!) and start acting like our parents.

October – A strong earthquake shook Cebu and Bohol on the 15th. I was devastated to learn most of the historical churches in Bohol were reduced to shambles. Popular hashtag #BangonSugBohol.

November – After that strong earthquake, most of the companies I know are sending help to Bohol. Now that Yolanda struck Visayas, more help are coming in from various parts of the country, and the world. Of course, there’s the DSWD issue (about replacing Spam with a different brand) with and the messy world of politics involving in the distribution of relief goods.

Two force majeures happened in two consecutive months which led us to think this is the result of climate change. Or the end of time is near.

December – My favorite time of the year and this year’s the saddest. Two of my family members were hospitalized. I’d rather keep the details myself than share it on the web. But December is a month of miracles and thankfully, both family members checked out before Christmas Day.

My faith and trust has been tested a lot this year. And I just ask the Big Boss above to help me get through all those big and small challenges. At the end of the day, nothing is impossible if you have Him by your side–through thick and thin.

The country’s anthem (and to some people) this year is Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)”. For those who have fallen, they can dust themselves off and stand up again. Let’s pray and hope for a better 2014. Cheers!


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